All About Rainbow Landing Nectar

As pioneers in the establishment of interactive Lorikeet exhibits, we provided the first continuous lorikeet feeding experience open to the public for the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park beginning in the summer of 1994. During the following years we developed Lorikeet hand-feeding exhibits for Zoological institutions both in the U.S. and in Europe and it was necessary that we offer the best diet available to our birds. Rainbow Landing™ was born dedicated exclusively to this, and to the keeping, breeding, training, and maintenance of large flocks of these unique birds on a year-round basis.

While a few pre-prepared ready-to-mix Lorikeet diets were in existence at that time, it soon became apparent that no single one was adequate over the full range of captive environmental conditions.

A single, nutritionally complete, readily available, easy-to-use, and easy-to-store prepared diet, especially for Lorikeets was obviously needed. And it would have to be one that the Lorikeets would like, and would continue to like on a daily basis.

With our now proven and time-tested experience with Lorikeets, we teamed up with a professional nutritionist and skilled food production engineers to further refine and produce our own Rainbow Landing™ Lorikeet Nectar. Since 1996 It has proven to be a great success, not just with our own birds, but with other Lorikeet exhibits, private aviculturists, zoological institutions, and individual Lorikeet owners and keepers.

This advance in Loriidae nutrition is now available to all Lorikeet and Lory owners and keepers. From the pet owner with a single bird, to the world-class zoo with multiple populations, there is an economical and proper-size package for your need.

And the work continues. As more of the Lorikeet’s secrets are discovered, our nectar will continue to be refined and developed to meet these needs. We will strive to always continue be the provider of the very best Lorikeet Nectar diet available on the market.